11 Sep 2012

Rihanna clearly keeps abreast of tattoo trends.

The R&B tat addict’s latest ink — an Egyptian goddess underneath her breasts — is on one of the hottest spots for female body art, according to city tattoo shops.

“Oh, my God, we do that one every day,” said Claudia Amparo, the owner of Ink Point and Body Piercing in Washington Heights. “They come in and put quotes under their breasts, like ‘Love is painful,’ or ‘Trust no one,’ stuff like that.”

“It’s a sexy spot on a woman,” agreed Jen Terban, co-owner of East Side Ink, Rihanna’s go-to tattoo shop when she’s in town. “It’s a personal spot perfect for something personal.”

The 24-year-old singer’s new body art is indeed close to her heart. It pays tribute to her late grandmom, Clara (Dolly) Brathwaite, who died of cancer July 1.