20 Nov 2012

Men, run for cover! Just when you think there could actually be real virgins out there not minding the prevalent rate at which young and unmarried couples are having s*x, the ‘white’ man has devised a means of turning all girls back to their ‘original’ state of virginity – for a little over N4700. Yes, That cheap!

How do we now differentiate the original virgins from the ‘artificial’ ones? Not like there are no good girls out there who are no virgins but then what this portends is you might end up with a commercial s*x worker and think, ‘Oh! this is her first time!’ Think carefully guys but sorry, we don’t know yet how to tell the difference – we’ll soon as we know anything new but till then, good luck!

Here’s how it works explained…

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Source: InformationNigeria

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