13 Sep 2012

1. have a plan that you discuss with your date before hand

2. bring your wallet (not necessary depending on what you planned)

3. be yourself. Dont be someone you aren't like over spending while you are broke or trying to over impress

4. keep it simple. dates are a chance to get to know each other so you would want to have casual convo that allows you to gather info without seeming like a stalker

5. restrict bodily function. Dont fart if you have to burp (belch) make sure you cover your mouth and dont eat with your mouth open

6. end the date by telling the truth. if you like her, let her know that you enjoyed the time together and you would like to see her again. if you hated her tell her you dont think it will work out and thank her for a pleasant date (dont promise that you would call if you hated her)

7. at the end of the date, if a girl
    a. extends her hand to shake your hand = bad sign
    b. gives you a hug while smiling = good sign

8. the good night kiss: this is the tricky part. you can always feel the chemistry of the date. Sometimes you can tell if she is feeling you so you should make sure you had a mint or gum before you try to plant one on her. easiest way to get a kiss at the end of the date is to ask.
say something like i'm so happy with this date and i was wondering if it would be ok if i kissed you. most of the time abou 7 out of 10 times (ok maybe 5 out of 10) she would say yes but if you had judged the night wrong she might say no. Then again some girls just don't have any contact on a first date so just ask to see her again.