13 Sep 2012

Sick of charging up your Nokia on a regular basis? Designer Daizi Zheng has come up with a perfect solution, in the form of a concept Nokia phone that's powered by Coca Cola. In addition to being able to charge it wherever you go, it's also a much more eco-friendly solution. To find out how it works, read on after the jump...

According to eco website Inhabitat, Zheng's concept Nokia is powered by carbohydrates, with claims that it's capable of lasting up to four times longer than a regular lithium-ion battery from a single charge.

As well as saving the world through not using electricity, regular batteries are also a lot harder to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way, so this is the perfect solution for tree-huggers. Or it would be, if it didn't take lots of energy to create Coca Cola in the first place, not to mention packaging and distributing it.
On the plus side, we love the idea of being able to save a little bit of your drink when your Nokia is getting low on charge, and you'll also be saved from lugging around a multitude of chargers when you go on holiday.

Using a fuel-cell instead of a battery means the phone should actually run on any sugar-based soft drink, but photos from Inhabitat show the cylindrical-shaped handset being filled up with coke, with a screw-off top to easily add your lunchtime tipple.

Whether this is the future of mobile phones remains to be seen – but it's certainly an unusual place to store your drink in the meantime. Can you see future Nokia's being powered by Coke? Let us know what you think.