16 Sep 2012

Peter Okoye, one half of P-Square, has taken to Twitter to reply those, who have questioned his command of english.

The twin, has apparently come under a bit of criticism lately, for his inability to articulate his thoughts properly and his Igbo intonation. But Peter Okoye, has a simple response for the critics: “Speaking good english doesn’t put food on my table.”

He also asked those who were more interested in his speech deficiencies to go and count their blessings, while he counts his and he has no apologies to make to anyone for sounding that way.

The fashionable musician who recently organised a quiet but classy birthday for his expectant girlfriend-Lola Omotayo- also boasted on social media yesterday that he is glad that his millions in dollars and pounds speak better english than he does.

Psquare has several nominations in the 2012 edition of the annual Hip Hop World awards that will take place in October. The group is regarded as one of the biggest entertainment brands in Nigeria

In 2008, Psquare clashed with the organisers when they failed to win a single award despite five nominations.