7 Sep 2012

A bevy of iPhone 5 clones are already available in China, even though Apple has yet to unveil its newest device. In the picture above, you can see the a device called the Goophone i5, which bears a striking and undeniable resemblance to the leaked photos and videos of what's believed to be the new iPhone circulating around the internet. You'd expect Apple to be the one filing cases in situations like these, but for this particular story, throw that notion out the window — according to Giz-China, it's Goophone's manufacturers who are planning to file a lawsuit against Apple.

The company that made Goophone applied for a patent on the design. Once the September 12 keynote does indeed spawn the iPhone 5 we've been seeing so much of in unofficial images, the company allegedly plans to take it to court. It even wants to block the iPhone 5 in the Chinese market.

The Goophone i5 is an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device. It may look like an iPhone with a bee instead of an apple on its back, but its innards are completely different from what we expect from Apple's upcoming gadget.
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[via CNET]