8 Sep 2012

If I told you that all girls desired a guy who has fame like Tuface and PSquare, fortune like Dangote, skills like JJ Okocha , and power like Goodluck, 99.9% of you would throw your hands up in despair and slink into sloth-dom, playing Angry Birds for the rest of your life.
Thankfully, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that the most complex creature in all of creation—WOMAN—is pretty simple when it comes to what she wants in a guy. While movies, TV, and music might give you loads of seemingly unattainable qualities to pursue, all she really wants is LOVE. So here are a few misconceptions i want clear up about this whole dilemma.

MYTH: Girls only like “Jerks” or “Bad Boys”
MYTH: Girls only want guys who have rock hard abs and look like movie stars
MYTH: Girls only want guys who have lots of money
MYTH: Girls want a guy who is an experienced “Ladies’ Man”
MYTH: Girls only like “Jerks” or “Bad Boys”

FACT: Girls don’t want a guy who dismisses them, treats them like dirt, or practically verbally abuses them.

Girls also don’t want a “nice” guy who is boring, numb, or lazy. Girls want a guy who is passionate—a guy who will fight for what he believes in, a guy who will pursue her heart, and a guy who will lay down his life for love. The most desired man in all of history was, is, and will be Jesus Christ—not a “nice” guy, but a man who overturned the money changers’ tables in the temple area to defend its sacredness, a man who proposed to leave 99 self-righteous in order to pursue one repentant heart, and a man who courageously endured scourging, beating, mocking and death to lay His life down for ours out of love, which we appropriately call the “Passion.”

Unfortunately, you might know girls who do settle and stay with the “bad boys.” If these girls don’t know their own beauty and dignity/worth, or don’t know the love of Christ, they will unfortunately take whatever they can out of fear of not being loved by anyone else.

MYTH: Girls only want guys who have rock hard abs and look like movie stars

FACT: Attractiveness is more than outer appearance.

Unless a girl is seriously vain and has the “Shallow Hal” syndrome (a kind of girl you wouldn’t want to date anyway), girls want a guy who treats them with respect and love. It takes a lot to be attractive:

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