6 Nov 2012

On Friday Nonkonzo Thombe told neighbours she had decided on an early festive season and went drinking. But celebration turned to tragedy.

When she came home she was totally drunk, but she still decided to breastfeed her one-month-old baby. She pushed her breast into the mouth of the baby and fell asleep.

When she woke up on Saturday, the child was dead. Daily Sun visited the 32-year-old woman from Kosovo squatter camp near Samora Machel in Western Cape where she was burning with regret.

"I was drunk and fell asleep. The milk was too much for him and he choked. His lips had turned black and there was blood coming from his nose. He was ice-cold."

She cried for help but it was too late.

"I don't want to believe my son is dead. I blame myself for everything."

Nonkonzo denies being a heavy drinker. But her neighbours said she loves alcohol.

Said one: "I'm not surprised she suffocated the baby."

The father of the dead baby, Tabiso (55) said: "Nothing will bring him back."

Nonkonzo hasn't been arrested. Cops have not responded to our news crew.

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