6 Nov 2012

The teenage girl enjoyed watching real life 'porno' that was too arousing to ignore, filled with louder groans of maximum satisfactions and seemingly impossible sex styles.

A source who spoke to our news crew said so wonderful was the sexual encounter that the girl had to take 'notes' from her supposedly 'sex-life row models'.

The man's niece has reportedly made it a habit to play peeping Tom whenever she hears groans and moans emanating from the bedroom. She also has a knack of budging into the two's bedroom unannounced whenever she desires, it is alleged.

According to a source, the 17-year-old girl has been caught several times peeping on her uncle and wife playing the 'hide my sausage' game.

"She was warned of doing so but it seems like she had an addiction because she cannot just stop," said the source.

It is alleged that on the day when the said assault occurred, the niece made her way into his uncle's bedroom when he and her wife were stark naked. This was not well received by the woman Primrose Basira who instructed her husband, Gugulezwe Nxongo to order his niece to stop doing so.

Instead of reprimanding his niece, Nxongo turned on his wife and told her to go to hell.

A misunderstanding ensued and Nxongo told his wife that he was not going to 'trade' blood for water. The man is reported to have armed himself with an electric code and sjamboked his wife all over the body.

Primrose did not take this lightly and reported the matter to police leading to her husband's arrest.

For the offence, Nxongo appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Richard Ramaboea who slapped him with a 30-day imprisonment sentence. The alleged wife-basher was however, lucky after magistrate Ramaboea gave him an option to pay US$100 fine.

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