11 Nov 2012

Mr. Abayomi Orioye has urged an Ijanikin Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his marriage to Mrs. Elizabeth Orioye because he found that she had sex with his best friend.

And to add salt to injury, the incident took place in their matrimonial home.

Narrating the incident, Abayomi, 50, told the court that she told the wife on the day the sacrilegeous act took place that he was going on a tour only to return home unexpectedly and caught his wife having sex with his best friend.

He added that his wife got pregnant shortly thereafter, but the boy she delivered did not resemble him.

The applicant therefore urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant him custody of the children, because he didn’t want to have anything to do with Elizabeth anymore.

The wife, 31, pleaded that the court should not dissolve the marriage as she still loved Abayomi. She also appealed to the court to help her beg her husband as, according to her, she was ashamed of herself. She claimed that the situation made her feel guilty, asking her husband to forgive her for the sake of their children.

Meanwhile, the court president, Mr. S. K. Hussain, adjourned the case for further hearing.

- Vanguard Newspapers

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