29 Oct 2012

Kate Henshaw has been living in our silver screens for over a decade. She’s made us laugh, cry and kept us all well entertained. This great Nollywood talent is currently back on our screens as a judge on Nigeria’s Got Talent, (NGT.) .Yes.....She is cute, sexy and eloquent, Kate Henshaw has well displayed the talent she is blessed with for over a decade but in the industry today, she is still one of the faces that we cannot do without. That her marriage is no longer working is not a story but how the two estranged lovers are coping after their separation.

Kate recently declared that her relationship with her ex, Nuttal is so cordial and they are always talking because they have a daughter which must not share from their ‘pains’.

''My relationship with my hubby is cordial; we have our daughter, so we look after her. We still talk about her. She’s part of us. She has to be taken care of, so we talk concerning her and her welfare, everything concerning her. There is no animosity really. It didn’t work, it didn’t work. I’m not really looking for anybody right now, but if it comes it comes, fine. I mean nobody ever says ‘oh! I will never love again’, after all, even God gave us His son to love us. Yeah, I wanted it. It wasn’t working anymore. It’s good to leave than to live together in rancor, with hatred. Sooner or later it will affect my work. You people would say, this girl, there is something wrong with her. If someone is not happy in her home, you will know. It will show in her work, no two ways about it,’’ she revealed

Whenever we see the ever young Nigerian actress on screen, she exudes this great positive energy and vivacity, that we tend to forget she’s been estranged from her British Husband, Rod Nuttal for a while now.

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