4 Oct 2012

Sharetori Wants To Pay You For Local Content While Building A Social Sharing Network

How it works

The N50.00 Promo

If you are reading this, you can start earning by signing up and spreading the word about Sharetori. How it works is simple. Sign up and use the bonus code ‘OTEKBITS‘, and that gives you N50.00 automatically. Other hot stuff are also available so get started.

Yes, Sharetori is a social sharing network for sub-Saharan Africa that provides support for spreading information about local business, news, video, and social causes.The aim is to amplify your social interactions.

For advertiser, rather than battling for viewer attention on TV or radio, you get the people who use your products to spread the word about it. You get real people sharing your campaign with their friends and followers. Support is provided for getting word out about products, campaigns and news.

Who gets the word out? They are called ‘Publishers’ or better yet social mavens. So if you the one everybody asks what’s new and trending, here’s a chance for you to get rewarded for being so cool and all-knowing. Sharing things through Sharetori means you get rewarded in credits, gifts and cash. Yes, you read that right. You’re getting paid just to be yourself.

For both advertisers and publishers it starts with you having an account.

please comment and tell us if its real or scam



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