7 Oct 2012

There is war currently going on now between the students of Uniport and the Villagers after the villagers mobbed four students for alleged stealing of phone and laptop.
All the students have been ordered to vacate the school with immediate effect.
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  1. I advice u be sure of any news be4 broadcasting.on Saturday dated 6th of Oct,2012 you broadcasted that those poor innocent boys robbed ‎​the Aluu community of their fones nd laptops nd shot one villager.while d̶̲̥̅̊ﻉγ̲̣̣̥ r cultists doing their own thng.Ɣ wil u broadcast such a fake and accusing news bout your fellow guys or r u supporting their killings?plss dnt u dare broadcast fake news again.

    1. sorry for the mix up, but i specifically stated that ït was according to "unconfirmed Source"