17 Sep 2012

Two senior members of the radical Boko Haram Islamic sect have been killed by Nigerian security forces in a shoot-out near the northern city of Kano, media reports citing unnamed officials said Monday.

The clash which resulted in the death of the two Boko Haram leaders, including its main spokesman Abu Qaqa, and the capture of two other sect members reportedly occurred on the outskirts of Kano. The militant group is yet to comment on the military's claims.

The verification of Abu Qaqa's death would be difficult as the name is most likely a pseudonym. The other sect leader killed in the shoot-out is said to be the group's representative for the central-northern Kogi state.

Notably, the Nigerian military had claimed in March that its troops had captured Abu Qaqa, who regularly signs emails sent to the media on behalf of the group, but later turned out to be just another sect member.

Could this be their real leader?

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