5 Sep 2012

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Impressing girls is something that many guys try do but always fail. There is a simple way of doing, I don’t know why guys over complicate things.
Let me make it easy for you – the best way to impress girls is … don’t try to impress them.

Let’s look deeper
Women’s attraction triggers
Women react to certain things in men. The mistake “dating and seduction gurus” make is that they teach how to convey them instead of developing them.
This is like a girl putting on water paints or crayons on her face and trying to convince it’s make up.

It simply won’t work.

You probably don’t know anything about make up – but you know when it’s not real. The same applies to women looking at you.

Being truly independent makes you sexy.

“Conveying” non-neediness makes you look needy. And that’s why all those methods fail.

Your Attractiveness
Your attractiveness lies in your confidence in the strength of your character.
When a truly confident man walks into the room he doesn’t try to impress anybody. And as a result everyone is impressed.
People try to get his attention, especially women!

How do I make this happen for myself?

Want to know how to impress girls?

Develop just three parts of your life women look at;
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  • ·         Be someone who goes for what he wants and at the same time can protect her
  • ·         Be strong and comfortable sexually and emotionally
  • ·         Focus on things other than sex and women

When you have those three characteristics women will feel naturally drawn to you.

Now, that’s how to impress girls!

Don’t brag about what you have or have done

Women don’t get impressed by that. A rockstar doesn’t have to walk around saying he is a rockstar.
A cool guy doesn’t convince people he is cool. He is just cool and people (girls) like him.
If you are really passionate it shows in the way you do your things.
You naturally carry yourself with power and charisma.

In other words there is no trick. If you really want to know how to impress girls you gonna have to do it the old school way. Get your shit together.