26 Oct 2012

The Ministry of Aviation says the Incident Involving Aircraft, Cessna 208, 5N-BMJ in Yola, Taraba State Thursday evening had 6 souls on board including crew, operated by the Taraba State Government that departed Jalingo for Adamawa State.

 In a statement issued by Joe Obi,SA (Media) to Aviation Minister, it state's that the pilot reported contact with the Yola Control Tower (1720Z) and field in sight at 38 miles estimating landing at 1730Z but the Pilot subsequently lost contact with Yola Control Towr and subsequent effort to raise the aircraft failed

The Ministry noted that Search & Rescue was immediately activated to the site of incident located with all victims alive with various degrees of injuries and the victims have been evacuated to the hospital for treatment pending further investigation of the incident.

 Mr. Obi however added that the media release from the Ministry is the only correct version of the incident, every other one that is contrary to the report from the Ministry is incorrect.



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