31 Oct 2012

The racism slur battle between Checlsea FC Midfielder, Mike Obi and the refree of Sunday's controversial match between Chelsea and Manchester United, Mark Clattenburg may be tied to understanding the referees's accent eventually.

In his claim, Mikel said the referee said "Shut up Monkey" when he protested against one of Clattenburg's bad judgement, but the referee in turn denied the claim saying: all i said was "shut up Mikel"

Clattenburg said mikel might have had problems understanding his deep North East Brithish accent and taking the word Mikel for Monkey.

However, 2 of Obi Mikel's teammates, Ramirez and David Luiz confirmed hearing the referee say the word "Monkey".

The case has now been referred to the metropolitan police for futher investigations.

The question now is, Does Mikel and Monkey sound alike?

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