6 Sep 2013

A week after Bianca Ojukwu threatened to sue him for claiming in an article he wrote a few weeks back that he had an intimate relationship with her, former Minister Femi Fani Kayode has withdrawn the comment.

He released the statement below through his lawyer, Rotimi Akinola, yesterday

“As our client said earlier through his press secretary some of the words he used to describe his friendship with Ambassador Ojukwu in his article titled 'A Word For Those Who Call Me A Tribalist” were indiscreet. He hereby withdraws those words
"They were good friends at the time and they had a few mutual friends who are still alive today. The bizarre, absurd and inexplicable assertion that they were not friends and that Ambassador Ojukwu has never met our client is patently false. Though he has not seen her for over 25 years he spoke to her on the phone when her husband passed on last year"

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So if he's withdrawing the comment, it means he never dated her, bah? So why write it?

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