8 Oct 2012

Let my grave be dug and let d church bells chime, let mothers wail and let the tears roll down sad faces endlessly, and yes, I shall say good bye to the cemetery, for even in that quiet shade I shall peace verily not find, but my soul shall surely soar and ferry from this plane to the next, embracing every dimension and every realm, for truly, my sojourn in this weary dwellings leaves no bliss but stinking memories, for joy and peace my foes indeed and utter worry and sheer intense grief remains my bonnie and rightly Clyde, and all through my embrace and hope for a twitch of fate and gentle smiles from him whom mercies I earnestly seek like a deprived being I did yearn,but in my face I felt the distraught laughter of a world blessed in unending coldness and supreme love for no endless bliss in suffering, for no night my soul do gaze upon merry smiles, but
fountains devoid of greatness in gladness fall over my being, and as I flee in leaps and bounds to embrace my journeys end, a gentle tear my face do imbibe, for no joy has known my worried face till this day, and as d dawn breaks, my heart eases, for I see no grime, for my happiness shall be at my life's end.
And as I smile with a healthy grin, I urge all, do shed a tear, but not for me, your tears draw me no ember , nor does aura call me excellence, but do shed a river for you, for non did yearn for the best in another, and I lived like I never did exist, but as my happiness wears a suit in pursuit of my floating cloud of endless eternity, many my name their lips do part, but alas! My back shall be turned, as by this day my life shall end and my existence begins anew. But low and surely ho, it was all, but a dream.

Written my Uzor Prince




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